Success comes from clarity and focus – knowing where you’re going and how your going to get there. It then takes commitment to giving 100% to achieve the goal.

Before we undertake working with you and guaranteeing success, we will ensure clarity. Our aim will be to bring clarity, vision and focus to every piece of work we undertake – understand you, your business, your brand, your customers, your product & service, your aims and objectives. If you don’t have it already (and we will challenge you on this), we’ll help you find it.

We offer an initial FREE diagnostic service to explore these key ingredients for success, and then we either move forward and deliver immediately, or work with you more intensively to help you develop an effective sales & marketing strategy and gain clarity and focus within your business.

We also commit to working with you to source funding for you to significantly minimise costs for doing this and aim to provide a truly cost effective, practical solution which delivers results.

MoJo People attracts the best talent and expertise when it comes to sales and selling. As experts in the field of sales, selling and finding great people, we know exactly who and what to look out for and where to look on your behalf to guarantee best results.

We have on tap a team of highly motivated and skilled sales people from diverse backgrounds willing to work with you on a part-time, interim, project or full-time basis. This flexible model allows you to pick and choose the right people for the specific job in hand, without long term commitment or overhead. You can scale up or down as and when you’re ready. Our MoJo Sales talent covers all aspects of sales & marketing:

  • Sales & Marketing Director level
  • Senior Account Managers
  • New Business Development Team
  • Telemarketing
  • Promoters (exhibitions / events)
  • Customer Care Staff
  • Social Media
  • PR / Copywriters
  • Graduate Talent – we also have access to a graduate talent pool who will take on new and diverse roles and learn with you, under our carefully guidance and bespoke coaching programme.

Imagine having a sales person on tap for 1 -2 days per week to ensure your pipeline never runs dry, a social media expert working a few hours a day on your campaign to ensure constant dialogue with your potential customers, a sales director available on tap, helping to drive your business forward and assisting with key strategic sales discussions. This allows you to only pay for what you need, and have the exact right person adding real value in their specific area of expertise.

Innovative – Flexible – Cost Effective – Results Focused

As accredited providers of Thomas International profiling tools, we carefully assess all our talent using Thomas International DISC © & GIA ©. This reduces the risk of putting any square pegs in round holes and ensures we pick the right person for the job…everytime.

You can access our MoJo Talent in three ways:

  • Insource: Our people come and work in your business, under your guidance, learning on the job from day one – as little or as often as you want;
  • Outsource: Give us the problem and we’ll take care of it for you, doing what we do best generating results for you from our offices;
  • Recruit: when you need that full-time highly committed resource, we will work with you to identify and find the best talent and carefully screen and select only the most suited candidates. We’re not a recruitment agency, we see ourselves as an extension of your business and so will only recommend hires when we are absolutely confident they are right for you and your business

Do your people need the MoJo Factor?

Highly motivational, effective and practical sales skills training, couple with the right blend of one-to-one coaching and mentoring to ensure long term, sustainable results. We don’t just do training, we live training and breath MoJo. We believe sales success is not just about quick fix training, its about creating a lasting effect: The MoJo Factor, where sales and selling becomes a lifetime habit, not just a quick fix.

Skill Set + Will Set + Sales Process = Sales Success

Follow our simple sales process, develop your skills in all aspects and kick your MoJo into gear! Before every training or coaching assignment, we carefully assess your team, their existing skills and working profile (using Thomas International DISC Profiling ©); Then we develop a bespoke results focused training and coaching programme to ensure individual success.

We offer training in all aspects of sales, telesales, account management and customer service.

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