In today’s market place, the most profitable, high growth companies are taking a different approach when it comes to business operations. They are outsourcing functions that can be undertaken more effectively by business partners – including the Sales Process.
Here at MoJo People, we offer outsourced sales solutions that are not only operationally effective, but also cost effective. If you need to drive business growth, have a new product launch in the pipeline but not the resources to support it, have accounts that are not being managed and are vulnerable to competitors, or you are simply looking to add to your sales team without the addition of fixed costs to your business, MoJo People have the solution for you.

Imagine having a sales person on tap for 1 -2 days per week to ensure your pipeline never runs dry, a social media expert working a few hours per day on your campaign to ensure constant dialogue with your potential customers, or a sales director available on demand helping to drive your business forward and assisting with key strategic sales discussions. This allows you to only pay for what you need and have the exact person adding real value in their specific area of expertise.

We can hit the ground running by rapidly implementing a proven sales strategy that will work for your business and then provide you with the required number of fully trained sales professionals – people who love selling and are ready and waiting to meet any sales challenge.

The outcome? You get the very best sales talent, who will make more appointments, for less cost whilst generating more revenue and ultimately more profit.

Advantages of Outsourcing

  • Reduction of fixed overheads
  • Rapid implementation of sales plan and strategy
  • Increased and more focused sales activity
  • Ability to flex the sales team up or down depending on projects
  • Experienced sales team that love selling
  • More revenue = more profit
  • No headaches!

Marketing and sales go hand in hand: a clear marketing plan, consistently well executed, will help drive, support and nourish your sales activities, providing effective lead generation and clear, relevant communications to your customers.
Marketing and sales people are not the same breed – different skills, different talents, different motivators; however for many businesses affording the luxury of both is not an option. Now with team MoJo, you can tap into the exact right skill, sales and / or marketing, at the right time and scale up as you do. We have a highly experienced team of marketing people all with their own specific areas of expertise: social media, PR, brand communications, digital media, advertising, telemarketing … and so can allow you to dip in and out of this talent pool as and when you need it. Right skill and right talent, doing the right job at the right time, consistently.

To find out how this could work for you, let’s talk and explore more. Find out what resources could help you and your business and lets talent match to suit your specific needs

Do your people need the MoJo Factor?

Highly motivational, effective and practical sales skills training, coupled with the right blend of one-to-one coaching and mentoring to ensure long term, sustainable results. We don’t just do training, we live training. We believe sales success is not just about quick fix training, it’s about creating a lasting effect: The MoJo Factor, where sales and selling becomes a lifetime habit, not just a short term solution.

Skill Set + Will Set + Sales Process = Sales Success

We work alongside our sales training partners to deliver an engaging programme, with tools, templates and follow up activities. Our training is based on the premise that effective closing and great sales outcomes is a logical result of what has been done previously. Follow our simple sales process, develop your skills in all aspect of this process, kick your MoJo into gear and success is inevitable!

Before every training or coaching assignment, we carefully assess your team and their existing skills and working profile. Then we develop a bespoke results focused training and coaching programme to ensure individual success.

We offer training in all aspects of sales, telesales, account management and customer service.

MoJo People attracts the best talent and expertise when it comes to sales. As experts in the field of selling and sales people, we know exactly who and what to look for in order to guarantee best results – that unique blend of skills, personality, track record and real drive.

MoJo Sales talent covers all aspects of sales & marketing:

  • Sales & Marketing Director level
  • Senior Account Managers
  • New Business Development Team
  • Telemarketing
  • Promoters (exhibitions / events)
  • Customer Care Staff
  • Social Media
  • PR / Copywriters
  • Graduate Talent – we also have access to a graduate talent pool who will take on new and diverse roles and learn with you, under our careful guidance and bespoke coaching programme.
Innovative – Flexible – Cost Effective – Results Focused

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