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More Sales, More Customers, More Business

If you have ambitious plans to grow your business, then no doubt sales will play a vital role in your success. Indeed in any business, small or large, the ability to sell effectively is critical not just to success but also to survival. Unfortunately, not every business is properly equipped with the right people, with the relevant skills & time, and of course that critical “MoJo” factor – a real passion and joy for selling.

Meet MoJo People – an experienced team of highly skilled, highly trained sales & marketing professionals with a real passion and flair for sales. We will work for you, as an extension of your brand and your business when you want, where you want, how you want. We offer innovative sales solutions, flexible pricing models and guarantee results.

Passionate About Selling

We are passionate about sales and selling. We have the skills, the expertise, the drive and the motivation that are all prerequisites for sales success. Our aim is to share this with you – we invite you to let us help YOU win more customers for YOUR business in a focused and professional way.

You can tap into team MoJo’s sales talent pool on a flexible, scaleable basis, from as little as a day a week up to us providing a full-time resource. Minimum risk and minimum overhead with maximum output and results.
Find out how our model could work for you and your business by getting in touch with us NOW!

The MoJo Process

The first vital ingredient towards sales success is clarity.
Every time we undertake work with a client, we
spend crucial time getting to know you – your business,
your products and services, your customers.
What makes you different, what makes you stand out?
If you don’t know the answers, we’ll help you find them…

MoJo Solutions

Four key areas where we can help your Business

MoJo Sales Outsourcing

In today’s market place, the most profitable, high growth companies are taking a different approach when it comes to business operations. They are outsourcing functions that can be undertaken more effectively by business partners – including the Sales Process...

MoJo Marketing

Marketing and sales go hand in hand: a clear marketing plan, consistently well executed, will help drive, support and nourish your sales activities, providing effective lead generation and clear, relevant communications to your customers....

MoJo Sales & Marketing Training

Do your people need the MoJo Factor? Highly motivational, effective and practical sales skills training, coupled with the right blend of one-to-one coaching and mentoring to ensure long term, sustainable results. We don’t just love training, we live it.

MoJo Sales Talent

MoJo People attracts the best talent and expertise when it comes to sales and selling. As experts in the field of sales, selling and finding great people, we know exactly who and what to look for and where to look on your behalf to guarantee best results. We have on tap a team of highly motivated and skilled sales people...